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From small compact horseboxes that can be driven on a standard car licence to larger horseboxes with the capacity to carry more horses or ponies, we have a range of different models to suit all needs.

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Whatever your transport requirements, our friendly and experienced team is on hand to offer advice, assistance, and a full demonstration. From the 3,500kg Sonic which can be driven on a standard car licence, to the 7,200kg Evolution which has luxury living accommodation and a leisure vehicle pack, we have a horsebox to suit your needs.

Affordable Horse Transport Solutions

The unbeatable value for money of the Equi-Trek range is attained by our extremely efficient manufacturing processes’, using the very latest technology and production methods. This creates a quality product at an unbeatable price which will hold its value for years to come.


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Why Choose Equi-Trek?

Ergonomic design, compact and easy to drive
Stylish and functional overnight accommodation
Easy loading, with low wide side ramp

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the information you are looking for below, please contact our experienced team who will be happy to help answer any questions.

Are Equi-Trek horseboxes built on brand new chassis?

Yes, always.

To ensure quality and reliability, all Equi-Trek horseboxes are purpose built exclusively on brand new chassis’, which ensures the customer receives a full manufacturer’s warranty.


Do horses prefer to travel backwards?

Around two-thirds of horses when travelled loose adopted a rear facing position and several studies have shown that generally horses travel better (lower heart rate, fewer impacts and fewer losses of balance) when rear facing.

Do you offer stallion partitions?

Stallion partitions are most commonly used for horses that don’t travel well, mares and foals, stallions and racehorses.

Using a stallion partition and eliminating the breast bar is the safest way to travel some horses. However, without a breast bar there is nothing for them to lean on and they may hit their heads when the vehicle accelerates or if any unavoidable sharp braking occurs. Most horses do travel better with a breast bar as it offers better support and comfort.

In all Equi-Trek horseboxes there is a safety wall between the horse and changing area to discourage horses from trying to go over the breast bar, if they can’t see out of the horsebox they won’t think there is an escape route.

Every horse is an individual so we offer stallion partitions alongside our standard fully adjustable partition with skirt to the floor – the choice is yours!

What are the benefits of a full side loading ramp?

Many horses don’t load well with a split half ramp as there is too much for them to process all at once – not only are they stepping on to the ramp but they are also putting their head into the horse box and moving straight inside. A low and inviting full ramp allows the horse to get all four hooves onto the ramp before going inside, breaking the process down. Safety doors either side of the ramp are important and so is a heavy duty slip resistant ramp with treads. Also a lot of horses prefer a side loading ramp as the space they are being asked to go into is open and inviting.

How do I know I'm not exceeding the payload?

The only accurate way to check you’re not exceeding the payload is to weight your kit, your horses, any passengers you will carry and to find out the weight of anything else extra, such as a full tank of fuel. The easiest and most accurate way to do this is to find out where your local weighbridge is and visit with your horses and kit loaded.

Equi-Trek horseboxes have market leading payloads to ensure you can safely and legally travel with your horses and equipment, ask our experts about the right model for you.

What other horse safety features are available?

Horse safety and welfare is top priority at Equi-Trek that’s why our entire range includes unique safety features, such as the low and wide inviting side ramp with slip resistant rubber matting and alloy tread rails. The collapsible breast bar is designed to be collapsed in case of an emergency if the horse ever manages to get over the breast bar it can be easily collapsed from the exterior of the horsebox. The horse area can also equipped with a camera to keep an eye on the horse when driving. All Equi-Treks are also designed with aluminium plank flooring for maximum strength and longevity.

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